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Thursday, May 31, 2007
  monkey, beehives, sweetarts
Karla and Brittney came over today for some stitching and bitching. and hair dying, too, but that's a different story. we're all working on the Bzzz Hat from Stitch n Bitch Nation together, but in different yarns.
I got this far:

I also finished my first Monkey, but I had to pick out my kitchener stitch and redo it because I was talking too much and not paying attention at first:

and for the record, this is how much sock can be knit (by me anyway) during Pirates of the Carribean III:

The girls just left after much excitement. We dyed Brittney's hair (her first big change, ironic since she's friends with me the hair chameleon) and she was a wee bit freaked out. It looks adorable, though. Anyway, now the apartment is quiet so I'm going to go drink my tea and catch up on some blog reading.


Sunday, May 27, 2007
  Built by Violet
Proof I'm not a one-craft wonder:

Pattern: Built by Wendy/Simplicity 3835 Fabric: Pink Astral Skulls by Alexander Henry, purchased at my local Joann's.
This top was super easy to sew, but cutting it out was a pain in the, well, wrist, back, neck, etc. That was my fault, though, because I'm fairly sure I only bought enough fabric for a size smaller than I actually am/made, and my "cutting table" is my floor.
I think it's a great top for summer, but because it's 100% cotton, I'll definitely have to make friends with my iron. And can I just say I'm in love with Alexander Henry fabric? Skulls, loteria, Sailor Jerry-type tattoo prints? Love!

Okay, knitting will resume shortly, I promise!

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Friday, May 25, 2007
  It's not a poof, it's a man scubber...
I've felt a little bad for neglecting Kellen's sweater, so this week I did knitted up something small for him. My mom bought him some Manly Body Wash, and since he didn't want to use my pink fluffy piggy poof, I decided to whip him up his own bath poof. Ooops, I mean Man Scrubber.

Pattern: Puffy from One Skein by Leigh Radford. Yarn: 100% Aloo from Himalayan Yarn Co. Needles: US 10.5 Brittany wooden DPNs.
This pattern is essentially a knitted tube and an i-cord, so needless to say it was a pretty simple knit. It was really enoyable, though. I'm a totally sucker for new and interesting fibers, and I was excited to try Aloo out. According to the book, Aloo has medicinal uses, relieving headaches and fever, which is really interesting. It took a bit of getting used to (winding it from the skein was not fun), but using wooden DPNs made knitting a lot easier; it slips right off aluminums! I also had to watch what I was doing, too, because it was so easy to drop stitches or knit them together.

If you've been thinking about knitting this, I totally recomend it. I wouldn't exactly knit a sweater out of this yarn, but it was fun to try. Kellen's yet to put his scrubber to use, but he (at least claims) he's excited about it!


Thursday, May 24, 2007
  I'm still not thrilled, but...
Having eaten a decent meal (and felted a bit more) I don't totally hate my felted strawberry tote.
Before Felting:

And After:

Pattern:Strawberry from Spring 2007 Knitscene, designed by Kate Gilbert. Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in red, grass, and daffodil. Needles: enormous, ancient, US 13s.

I bought the magazine specifically for this pattern because it is cuteashell, but i really didn't enjoy knitting it. At all. I love fair isle...with smaller needles. the 13s and the yarn held double stranded, it was just not fun. I trudged on though, because I wanted that purse. I think my main problem (aside from my inability to fair isle neatly with those needles) was the yarn substitution. WOTA felts nicely, but not at the same proportions as Cascade 220, which the pattern called for. And duh, I didn't do a felted swatch, because 1. I'm lazy, and 2. I don't know the rate that Cascade felts at anyway. (I could figure it out, but I'm not all that fantastic at math, and i wanted to CAST ON!) I wanted the purse on the cheap, so I went with Knitpicks. Now I have a freakishly long strawberry purse, that's lumpy and bumpy because of my wild tension. I had dreams of entering this in the fair, but for now, I guess it can just hold my wallet on my glamourous trips to the grocery store. Live and learn, right?


Wednesday, May 23, 2007
So, this post was going to be about how I finished Kate Gilbert's totally cute strawberry clutch from Knitscene, which I spent ALL day on.....

But it looks like crap. Half-felted crap. That BS they feed you about "felting away any discrepancies in gauge"? TOTAL CRAP. "Just whipstitch around the edges"? BIG HOLES. ugh.

It's really discouraging because everything I knit lately seems to be really awful. That's what i get for thinking I'm a semi-skilled knitter, huh?

From now on, stockinette socks. we'll see how I can bungle those up.

***this post brought to you by a cranky girl who's eaten only leftover chocolate cake today, due to the all-day-knitting. your usual cheery blogging will resume shortly. I hope...***
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
  introducing sheldon the turtle!
Wow, I just realized I never even mentioned I was working on this, but here he is, Sheldon the turtle!

I'll get a better picture soon! My batteries are dead in my camera, and I'm not used to Kellen's. Plus, I'm in my pajamas, so it had to be an indoor pic! Pattern:Sheldon from Yarn:Knitpicks Shine Sport in Grass (left over from peapod baby sweater) and mystery acrylic- probably red heart? in dark green. Mods: I gave him smaller eyes because that's what I happened to pick up at the craft store, also, the dark green is a worsted weight, again, because that's what I had around, but I also wanted to give him a slightly plumper shell.

He was such a fun knit! His neck is a little floppy, though, despite the fact that I tried to stuff it as firmly as possible. Oh well. I was absolutely in love with the slipstich shell pattern. It was my first time doing something like that, and I was suprised how easy it is! This was also my first attatched i-cord (around the shell) and while it took a little bit of getting used to (there may have been a few curses uttered here and there) I think it's an awesome technique and I'm glad I learned it!

I'm taking a break from the other things on the needles for awhile. Here's what I plan to relax with today:

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Monday, May 14, 2007
  Yarn Snobs, Divert Your Eyes!
Yesterday was my birthday (and it was a very happy one!), and my little brother spent Saturday night at our place, so I finally had a chance to snap a picture of his orange monster slippers.

Pattern: Fuzzy Feet via Knitty. Yarn: Lamb's Pride in Orange You Glad (held double) and Lion Brand Fun Fur in tangerine. Needles: US 10.5 Susan Bates 16" circ, and Brittany dpns. Finished: ages ago! (March 12, 2007).

This pattern was wonderful, although the fun fur made it a bit less enjoyable. It also meant the yarn didn't shrink up as much when felted, so even though my gauge was dead on, they're a little floppy. I've offered to put elastic in the ankles, but received a non-commital grunt in response, typical of an eleven year old boy.

My least favorite part was sewing the teeth and eyes on while the slippers were still wet and stinking of a sheep in a storm. I felted them at my mom's house (Laundromat Felting? NEVER AGAIN!) and wanted to finish them up so they could dry there and he wouldn'thave to wait until he next saw me to wear them.

And he actually does wear them! The bottoms are filthy. But he shuffles around in them, looking like he's dragging two dead muppets on his feet. But, hey, at least he's wearing knitwear, fun fur or not.


Friday, May 04, 2007
  Thanks, SP!
My secret pal might be a mind reader!

what a wonderful, generous package! i absolutely love everything. what you see here is: a super cute sock pattern, US 1 brittany needles (my standard sock knitting size, and i've been needing another pair! this is also my first wooden pair of sock needles, which i've been wanting to try!), and adorable lantern moon Bee measuring tape (i'm on a bee kick lately. The Girls and i are going to start beehive hats soon, and i'm sewing a honey bee purse, so this is perfect!), a set of Burt's Bee's lotions (again, bee love! and i just ran out of the milk and honey lotion that i had, so this came just in time!), a crackling wick candle in warm sugar which i can't wait to try, a See's candy bar wrapper, the candy...uhm...dissappeared before the photo was taken, and finally, Lorna's Laces shepherd sock in Lucky Stripe. I've been dying to try lorna's, and i absolutely love the pink and orange together. i can't wait to cast on!

thank you sooooooo much, SP! i've been thoroughly spoiled!

also, today is kellen's and my fifth anniversary, so it was wonderful to get this package after a great morning and a delicious brunch at the creperie! i couldn't have asked for a better day.
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
  PPP socks!

yarn: Knitpicks Dancing in Ballet (discontinued, but there are a few other colorways left on clearance, if you're interested.) Needles:Susan Bates US 1 dpns Pattern: plain old sock recipe. cast on 56 (yarn is stretchy), 2x2 rib cuff, heel flaps.

i called these socks a lot of different things while making them: dancing socks, bubblegum socks, valentine's day socks, spring socks, and finally The Perpetual Pink And Purple Socks. i started these sometime in january and finished them saturday. April 28. these socks took 4 months to knit, making them the slowest pair of socks i have ever made. my 10th pair of socks, plain, no frills, stockinette socks, took me four months! i think they earned their name.

nonetheless, these socks are great. the colors are pure happiness, they fit perfectly, they're light and cottony and perfect for warmer weather. see? my timing worked out fine...

(to my credit, the past few semesters i have commuted an hour a day to work, which gave me a lot of sock knitting time. i took this semester off work, so i only got a row in here and there on these guys before and after classes. but still. molasses.)

now...if i could just finish up the other 10,000 things on the needles, i'd be in good shape!



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