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Sunday, December 31, 2006
  2k6 Wrap Up!
(swiped from Boogie Knits.)

List Your FO's:
the grand total was 30. not bad for a full-time college student who also worked 5 days a week this year, huh? you can see them all by Clicking Here. There were
.4 washcloths
.8 pairs of socks
.1 pair of mittens
.3 hats (two baby, one men's)
.1 ear of corn
.1 child's vest
.1 "soap sack"
.4 scarves
.1 pair of monster slippers
.1 felted alpaca
.1 pair of baby booties
.2 recycled silk purses
.1 baby sweater
.1 cupcake

List Your Works In Progress.
Fiber Trend's clogs for my mom's Goliath-footed man friend
Swallowtail Shawl for grandma
Cabled footies for mom
Noro scarf for close friend
(all but one are left-over xmas gifts. d'oh!)

What skeletons are in your knitting basket?
actually, none! i moved this summer, and a few weeks ago or so, kellen and i went through our mutual stash (he's a crocheter) and killed all the zombie UFO's...although i have to say they were mostly his. although i do have a few rounds of the peapod baby hat, which i decided i didn't have time for, but we won't speak of that.

What was your favorite project of 2006?
i really loved everything i knit this year! but i guess if i narrowed it down, i'd say Luke's vest, because it was my first intarsia project, and the closest i've come to designing my own garment. (we won't mention the fact that it fit him around, but was about two dorky inches too short. it still looks cute!) Then of course, i've loved all my socks. and the alpaca, and...

What projects will you never knit again?
this year was suprisingly Year Of The Things I'll Probably Knit Again. but i'd like to believe i will never knit another pair of Fun Fur Slippers. but if a cute enough kid asked, maybe...

What was your major knitting accomplishment in 2006?
i wish i could say the swallowtail, but it's not finished. So I'd have to say it was definitely learning how to knit socks!

What was your favorite yarn of 2006?
oh...that's tricky. color? texture? practicality??
i'll give it a top 3.
1) knitpicks shimmer
2) himilayan recyled silk
3) lamb's pride!
i'm not sure i'll use the top two in 2007, but #3 has my heart forever.

What's your favorite yarn overall?
overall?! didn't you see my agony over the last question??? i guess lamb's pride. even though it's "too scratchy" for other people, if i only had one yarn left on earth to knit with, i'd want that one. i'd just have to keep all my knits to myself!

What new knitting techniques did you learn in 2006?
intarsia, sock knitting, kitchener stitch, lace. i think that's about it. i learn something from everything i knit, it seems. and now i'm learning to spin on a wheel!

What are your knitting goals for 2007?.
learn to spin on aforementioned wheel, more socks, more fair isle, a grown-up sized sweater? xmas gifts on time?

how about, just keep knitting!

have a safe and happy new year, xo.
Sunday, December 24, 2006
  i failed.
i finished the branching out, the burgendy double moss stitch scarf, and the noro scarf.

everything else? complete failure. i worked on the swallowtail until my wrists nearly snapped off, and there's just no way i can finish, let alone block it. i slept for 3 hours last night.

i had big, big dreams, and they just weren't compatible with finals, work, a wicked cold that's threatening to turn into a sinus infection, and a painful wisdom tooth. oh, and quitting the job i love! that too.

it's my sanity vs. lace weight alpaca.

i'm going to go make some truffles, write some IOU cards, and maybe sneak a quick nap before i head down to my grandmother's for some celebrating.

happy holidays, everyone!
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
  six days...
this is what i have left to do:i think i may be feeling what most people would call panic? you should note that is the *first* clog you see, so i still need to make a mate. this doesn't even touch the candles, fudge, peaunt brittle, peppermint bark, and breads that i need to make, too. and i still have a sewing project and a half to finish. oh, and one of my wisdom teeth might be infected. cheers!
Sunday, December 10, 2006
  bye bye, baby (sweater)!
the peapod sweater is (finally) finished:
i absolutely love it. i'm definitely going to make the pattern again, although who knows when. Specs: Baby PeaPod Sweater by kate gilbert, in knitpicks shine sport. I think i only used 3.5 balls, which if i remember right was less yardage than the pattern called for. size 5 needles. the yarn was wonderful to work with and super soft. i don't think i'd use it for an adult sweater, but for babies it's tops.

I just sewed the buttons on last night and it's on its way to the mommies today! baby is due the 27th. i hope they like it!

oh, and i finished another recycled silk purse, this one is a gift: pretty much the same as the last one i made, although i went down 3 needle sizes for the garter stitch band at the top, which worked a lot better, and did a 3 st i-cord instead of 2.

okay, no more time to blog. time to knit study for finals knit and study for finals!

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