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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
  pleased to meet you!!
hi there! I'm Violet. I'm not new to blogs, in fact, i've had a livejournal for years now, and a blurty before that, but i wanted somewhere to focus on just my knitting, without the extra baggage of my babbling about school, stress, and all the other interesting things in my life. . . although i can't promise that a few sewing, gardening, or other miscelaneous crafts won't slip in here or there. i am a Knitter, but i do like to switch it up now and then.

with out further ado, my first blog-documented FO:

Best Foot Forward socks from Knit Socks! done in red heart sport, charcoal (discontinued, i believe, but not that great anyway).

a close up of the cable twist.

these were made for my darling boyfriend, per his request. i think they turned out quite nicely, despite the fact that i majorly messed up the cable twist once on each of the socks. the first time around, i accidentally k2tog and then worked it like the rib for a few rows, d'oh! and the second time, i forgot to twist at all! the endless rounds of grey got tedious, but he loves them so they're more than worth it. this was my first completed pair of socks as well- my first ever sock is patiently waiting in the sock drawer for its mate.
Monday, March 27, 2006
  christening post
hi there! this is just a test drive. this will soon be my knitting blog.

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violet is a crafty girl with feminist values. knitting is her main squeeze, but she also flirts with sewing, embroidery, mosaics, jewelry making, block printing, and polymer clay. she's also been known to cook and garden. she loves a good thrift shop, teapots, and her boyfriend kellen.

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