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Sunday, June 28, 2009
  Phat Fiber Box
I love surprises. As a kid, I was a sucker for a grab bag (actually, I still am), even though I usually ended up disappointed. I'm also hopeless when it comes to resisting "limited time only" things. So, obviously, the Phat Fiber box left me totally defenseless. Similar concept to The Sampler, which I pined over for years, and finally snagged, only to be totally disappointed with the knick-knacks I got (to be fair, some of it was cool, but the majority was unusable and disappointing. Just luck of the draw, I guess, because some people have gotten great stuff!)

So, I totally wanted a phat fiber box, but I was wary of dropping $32 only to be disappointed. But then I watched the YouTube teaser video and I was a goner. I had to have one. I counted down the mintues to the "secret" time the boxes would be released and then hit "checkout" as fast as my little laptop touch pad could click. Here's what I got (click photos for more details):

Phat Fiber Box

The whole shebang! I was so excited to see a copy of Knit Circus, which I've been wanting. It's got a ton of adorable patterns. I didn't get a close-up, but there's some gorgeous purple fiber from Sneaky Pig Yarns that is one of my favorite items.

Yarn samples from: Gale's Art, Holiday Yarns, Yarn Floozie, Serendipitous Ewe, Twisted Fiber Yarn, Shady Side Farm and Mad Angel Creations. Whew!

Merino/Bamboo/Tencel & Sparkles

Platform Nine

Merino, Mohair, Etc

Teresa Levite Studio, Wonders Mohair, and Plum Crazy Ranch.

Merino, Tencel, Mohair

Spincerely Yours and Goat Goat Sheep (I love that name!)

Fish and Stitch Marker

Vickie's Stitch Markers

Shore and Sand
Liberty Fibers.

There was some other delicious goodies, but those are some highlights. There were also TONS of coupons; I can't wait to do some shopping at my new favorite fibery people. I'm also looking forward to spinning everything up. I'm thinking of spinning them all together (the theme is ocean, so it'll be organized chaos) and knitting them into the Briny Sea Cowl pattern that was included.

Needless to say, it was totally worth more than the $32! Plus the box arrived on my doorstep after a very bad day, and a box of fiber makes everything better.

I'm off to take a knitbreak. Links are exhausting!

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I love my phat fiber box. I only got one it was the second one they did it was awesome.
Wow - that looks like an amazing goodie box. I'm glad it lived up to your expectations : )
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