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Friday, September 11, 2009
  The Saddest Little Appendix
My baby brother is not such a baby anymore. In 4 months, he's going to be 14. I can't even fathom that. Nine years older might not seem like that much, but this kid is my little Glorfka.

Me and the Bub, probably around 2002 or 2003...

Last week I got a scary text message from my mom saying he was in the emergency room with severe abdominal pain. He was sent home with a false alarm, and then two days later was back in the emergency room. This time it was for real, his little appendix was coming out. He's a healthy little athlete (even though he has been known to eat an entire box of Honey Buns, and *ahem* several pounds of corn chips in one sitting. In fact, it was the copious corn chips that caused the "false alarm" diagnosis in the first place) so he's never really had any medical problems. It was scary for all of us.
Sick little brudder.
Here he is all doped up just after surgery. He kept showing me the punching game hand gesture. What a punk.

I did a little bit of knitting in the emergency room, but once surgery was over and he started to recuperate, I realized what he really needed was a stuffed appendix. I had originally planned on getting him a Giant Microbe appendix, but they don't make one, so I had to get creative.

The saddest appendix.

My own pattern (cast on 6 stitches and increased until the desired fatness, then decreased when it seemed appendix-y). The yarn is lamb's pride worsted, and I used US 8 dpns. I think he came out pretty cute.

Jaime's new appendix

Here's the saddest little appendix with the grumpiest little appendectomy patient. This was actually the night he was allowed to come home. I think the little appendix came out pretty cute, and now Jaime has a souvenir from his adventure. He's on the mend and gets to play baseball again in a week; we're all thankful. Plus, I got to knit an appendix, adding to my knit body-part repertoire.

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