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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Cecily, my hostess over at Secret Pal 10 asked us to make a post talking about one of our current favorite WIPs. thinking about this made me realize i have a lot on the needles. now, i'm usually pretty monogamous. or at least almost monogamous. a bigger project or two, and usually a sock for knitting out and about.

maybe it's because spring has officially started, but i can't stop casting on. it's official, i have Startitis. i decided i was going to slow down, finish things up...but then i saw the sock yarn staring at me, and...
I couldn't resist! The ubiquitous monkey socks from knitty. i'm only at the cuff, as you can see, but i can't get enough of this yarn. it's Knitpicks Memories in Hawaii. the colors are so bright and springy, and the pattern is perfect. i wanted something that would be more interesting than plain stockinette socks, but not something so complicated it would compete or get lost in the hand-dyed colorway. this is my first Cookie pattern, and i'm looking forward to it! it's also nice to knit something bright and cheery for me to take a break from the black sweater for the boyfriend. (by the way, i finished the first sleeve!! and it was waay too long. it's repaired now but i'm not looking forward to sleeve 2.)

i do have one little gripe though...I had to go down to a size 00 to get gauge! 00, people!! this has nothing to do with cookie's designing or anything like that; i usually have to go down a needle size or two for patterns, which i find very odd, since if i'm knitting without a pattern, i can use the recommended needles for a given yarn and get the "average" gauge. i'm not a loose knitter, i swear! i get jealous of other knitters, traipsing through the world blissfully knitting away on size 2s while i try not to bend my 00s!

oh well, the socks'll be worth it.
Monday, March 12, 2007
  This is my 50th post!
in case anyone thought i slipped off the face of the earth, i am, in fact, still here! my knitting has just been terribly boring lately, so i haven't had much to post. on the needles, i have the slooow going mon petite chou, miles of black stockinette for kellen's sweater, and some plain stockinette socks for me.

however, Jaime tossed a curve ball into my projects last time he was over. he said he wanted slippers. i had already bought the mandatory Orange and White to make him some fibertrends felted clogs back at christmas, but he insisted he would never, ever, ever wear anything knitted. i finally talked him down to admitting he might wear something knitted at home, if it was really cool, but never in public. that was in december, and i had dropped the subject thinking he'll come around eventually. like when he's 40.

you can imagine how thrilled i was when he finally admitted he wanted slippers. i pulled out the fibertrends pattern and the size 13 circ... and then he said, "no, not that kind. like lukes's! He wanted orange fun-fur monster slippers. i might be crazy, but the idea didn't sound too bad. maybe it's because of the aforementioned miles of black for kellen's sweater. orange sounded goood. we agreed on the Fuzzy Feet pattern, and went down to the craft store and bought 4 skeins of the fuzzy crap. (i ended up only needing two and half. how come that never happens with the good stuff?) and i cast on:
i'm off to felt them today. we'll have to see if he actually wears them now.

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