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Friday, January 02, 2009
  2008, knitting in a nutshell
2008 FO's
1. le slouch, 2. BR Knockoff Hat, 3. Fuzzy Feet, 4. Bzz on my mind, 5. Sweater curse, Sweater shmurse, 6. embossed leaves, 7. Kellen's Cobblestone, again., 8. It's blocking!, 9. Peaks n Valleys, from above, 10. Patti's Footies, 11. Punkin Dishcloth, 12. Rainbow Jaywalker, 13. Fetched., 14. Corazon Mittens, 15. Almost Argyles, 16. Modeling Grandma's Mini Clapotis, 17. Tired. but handknit., 18. Norbert!, 19. Soap and washcloths, 20. Grandpa's hat., 21. Rainbow Hat, 22. Felted Beret, 23. Sunflower Tam, 24. Alpaca Cowl., 25. Unoriginal Hat, 26. Wicked pocket, 27. I do this a lot, 28. 9.16.2008

Quite a few FO's came off the needles in 2008. Not quite as many as in years past, but then again I did have one failed sweater (currently being reknit, but more about that later) and three large-ish projects still in the works. I knit two sweaters for Kellen, one for myself, fewer socks than in years past, and quite a few things I didn't blog, which I feel kind of bad about. Details for everything are on the flickr pages, and ravelry, as usual.

I learned to spin on a wheel this year, which was one of my biggest goals. I'm quickly becoming addicted. My knitting goals for 2009? More sweaters for me, more socks, more knitting. and MORE blogging! I kind of let the blog slip, because the thought of putting everything into flickr, then ravelry, then the blog (or vice versa) just became too daunting. This year, I'm going to try and document more, share more, and create more. Happy 2009!

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What a kickass fiber year!
You are one bad-ass, take-no-prisoners, knitting FIENDgoddess!
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