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Monday, May 14, 2007
  Yarn Snobs, Divert Your Eyes!
Yesterday was my birthday (and it was a very happy one!), and my little brother spent Saturday night at our place, so I finally had a chance to snap a picture of his orange monster slippers.

Pattern: Fuzzy Feet via Knitty. Yarn: Lamb's Pride in Orange You Glad (held double) and Lion Brand Fun Fur in tangerine. Needles: US 10.5 Susan Bates 16" circ, and Brittany dpns. Finished: ages ago! (March 12, 2007).

This pattern was wonderful, although the fun fur made it a bit less enjoyable. It also meant the yarn didn't shrink up as much when felted, so even though my gauge was dead on, they're a little floppy. I've offered to put elastic in the ankles, but received a non-commital grunt in response, typical of an eleven year old boy.

My least favorite part was sewing the teeth and eyes on while the slippers were still wet and stinking of a sheep in a storm. I felted them at my mom's house (Laundromat Felting? NEVER AGAIN!) and wanted to finish them up so they could dry there and he wouldn'thave to wait until he next saw me to wear them.

And he actually does wear them! The bottoms are filthy. But he shuffles around in them, looking like he's dragging two dead muppets on his feet. But, hey, at least he's wearing knitwear, fun fur or not.


those are fun! i hope you had a good bday! did you get my message? i need your address lady! i'll talk to you soon. :o)
they're so cute! i've wanted to make those slippers for a while, but haven't. i'm very not yarn snobby, because for projects like this who needs luxury yarn? it would be a waste.
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY late birthday!

I love the slippers. I love that they are orange. If you are gonna have monster slippers, then they must be the brightest, in your face color, that they can be :-)
Oh, that last one was me.....your SP :-)
SO cute!!!

Happy belated birthday!! :)
They are really fun: you couldn't do anything quite as flamboyant in a "real" yarn.
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