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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
  project spectrum
well, since tomorrow is the last day of may, i figured it's time to post my project spectrum projects, right? i just signed up this month, and since i didn't have too much time (and because there are fairly loose guidelines to p.s.) i started thinking about my other hobbies too. so, for the color green, take a peek over at the flickr badge in my sidebar and you will see:
.my basil
.some marigolds waiting to bloom
.my green dollar store watering can
.my painted pinwheel succulent
.an apple necklace i made recently
.a veggie bracelet to match
.a dinner i made with green raviolis and asparagus
.my hideous new pea green nailpolish
.my meager project spectrum handknit! yes, i knit something green, for the first time since lukes alligator mittens last year! okay, okay, it's not just green, it's got blue and yellow too. but there's green in it. it's sugar-n-cream, color #02743. i love how bright it is. kellen and i just found out we got a cute little apartment in arcata, but it's really small and kind of...beige. so i thought this would make a great kitchen dishrag, to add a little bit of color.

(btw, if you don't have flash and can't see the badge, my flickr name is xvioletx, and all my p.s. photos are in a set called "project spectrum," if you're curious)

in other knitting news, i'm still working on kellen's storm socks, without any interesting progress. i finished the left front of luke's vest! for some strange reason, i got an urge to weave in all the ends, and it took me an HOUR, for just the front. you can imagine how fun that was. but now i just have the right front, then some seaming and picking up of stitches and button banding....okay, maybe i'm not as close to done as i thought. but it's looking cute.


here is jaime knitting!! this is my ten year old, football crazed little brother. knitting! with the christmasy colored yarn he bought last year when he wanted kellen to teach him how to crochet. (kellen did teach him, by the way, but he got bored with it.) i taught him how to make the knit stitch using debbie stoller's rhyme "in through the front door, grab your scarf, our through the window, before the cat barfs." it seems to be a good one for teaching young boys because he picked up really quickly. it was so cute, though, because he said, "oh crap, sis, i dropped a stitch," and when i went over to look, he had slipped the stitch off the left needle, and the new stitch he had made slipped out of it. so i asked if the slipped stitch was his new stitch, and he said, "no, that's the cat barf." it was a lot of fun, but i think he'd enjoy it more if he loosened his kung fu death grip and quit holding the needles vertically. but that'll come in time, right?
Aw, your brother is the cutest!
thank you! i can't believe he's grown up so fast.
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