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Monday, November 20, 2006
  on the twelfth knit of christmas...

The peapod is blocking! the peapod is blocking! excuse the hiddeous color the camera picked up and the hideous couch which has no excuse. the ends are woven in, too, i just don't trim them before i block, so those dangling stings won't be there, of course.

here is a close up with a much more accurate color representation:

and the SIP of the day, almost argyle #2: now, if you're saying to yourself, "gee, that looks like it's posing with a spinning wheel..." you're right! my wonderful grandparents GAVE me a wheel. i futzed around with it a little last night and i feel so much more comfortable using it than my spindle, with the exception that i'm not quite quick enough yet. but no time for spinning talk now, because...

The Christmas KnitList:
1 branching out scarf
2 pairs of felted slippers
1 beaded scarf (Scarf Style)
1 swallowtail shawl
1 pair cabled footies
1 koigu scarf
1 recycled silk purse
1 chunky last minute scarf
1 pair of mittens
1 cabled hat
1 DNA cable scarf (which could possibly wait till after the holidays...)
1 partridge in a pear tree

this doesn't even touch sewing, baking, soap making, work, school, sleep, etc. but i have a week off school and work (the joy of working at a school, double thanksgiving break!) and plenty of knitting time...anyone want to come over and do my laundry??
Congrats on the spinning wheel! Maybe that'll be your inspiration. I've loved having mine. Maybe we should swap fiber some time. :)
Oh a spining wheel! That will be fun!

Good luck with the christmas list! I think you can do it all (well maybe not the partridge in a pear tree).

Pea pod looks fantastic!
i do adore that sweater that you are in the midst of. and your x-mas list??? you can do it. enjoy the time off...
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