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Sunday, January 06, 2008
  101 in 1001
I've been laying low for a bit, fighting off a cold and recharging my batteries with some good wool. Still waiting on the xmas pictures to get developed! But before we got too far into the new year, I thought it would be a good time to post about my 101goals in 1001 days. It's a project that Day Zero put together. I started officially on August 1, 2007, which means I'll be done on April 28, 2010, but since it's a new year, I thought it would be a good time to tackle some of the tasks I haven't started yet, and share my list with the world. Here goes:

Bold=done, Italics=in progress
Violet's 101 in 1001
1. Floss daily
2. Wash face daily
3. Water plants regularly
4. Get a new job (done, 8/16/2007)
5. Get a bike, bike at least weekly.
6. Knit a sweater. (4/1)
7. Launch etsy shop.
8. Make another zine
9. Get two new tattoos (if you're a disapproving family member reading this, JUST KIDDING!)
10. Grow my hair out. No cuts until 12/31/07
11. Dye my own yarn
12. Learn to steek
13. Take a spinning class (yarn, not exercise)
14. Buy resin molds and learn to make resin jewelry.
15. Make dinner at least once a week.
16. Try 15 new recipes (10/15)
17. Make at least one dish for family holiday get togethers. (done for 2007, 2008.)
18. Make a mosaic
19. Do something romantic (i.e, leaving kellen a note to find when he gets ready for work, making a surprise dessert etc) at least once a week.
20. Read 100 books
21. Get my wisdom teeth pulled
22. Keep my GPA above 3.5
23. Sew myself pajama pants, 3 new tops, and two dresses.
24. Memorize how to make a paper crane
25. Make a small quilt
26. Learn to make bread.
27. Contribute to The Sampler.
28. Learn to make peanut brittle
29. Get a watercolor pad and paint.
30. Get or make three new pieces of art for the apartment.
31. Graduate college!
32. Pay back at least 1/4 of student loan debt.
33. Take at least one road trip.
34. Decorate an inspiration board for above my sewing table.
35. Put all my photos into albums.
36. Switch to environmentally friendly shopping bags.
37. Make Kellen 3 new pairs of socks.
38. Take another PE class (yoga)
39. Take a jewelry making class.
40. Table at a craft fair.
41. Spend 5 minutes each day consciously thinking positive thoughts.
42. Write in my journal at least once weekly.
43. Buy a juicer
44. Check out the student rec center (the gym at school), and use it at least once!
45. Try 5 new teas (5/5)
46. Take a roll of film each season at HSU.
47. Transplant my herb garden.
48. Re-do my website
49. Make a cheesecake
50. Write a poem (not for school!)
51. Try a new craft (weaving!)
52. Read at least one Harry Potter book
53. Finish reading all of Roald Dahl's books
54. Write down every quote that inspires me.
55. Subscribe to my favorite magazines (2/4)
56. Send out 15 postcards (1/15)
57. Write a letter a month.
58. Make an honest effort to learn to use my keeper. (I just don't think it's right for me, but I use Moon Pads now, so I'm still sustainable!)
59. Read a "Book of the Year" book
60. Research the history of something random
61. Master coptic stitch bookbinding
62. Make ice cream
63. Put at least one thing in the fair each year (done for 2007, 2008)
64. Borrow Mom's vaccuum and deep clean the carpets Buy new vacuum
65. Knit at least half of my ravelry queue
66. Continue making the majority of my xmas gifts (done for 2007, 2008)
67. Learn to use the buttonhole function on my sewing machine.
68. Take my vitamin every day
69. Wear my retainer at least every other night
70. Grow some strawberries
71. Grow sunflowers
72. Get an eye exam.
73. Go to lunch with my mom, without any boys.
74. Buy a new planner, use it to get organized.
75. Complete my Wreck This Journal exercises.
76. Participate in Self Portrait Tuesday for a year (10/52)
77. Clip out interesting magazine articles and keep them organized. Recycle the rest (except knitting mags, of course!)
78. Do one load of laundry a week (that may sound like practically none to some of you, but i'm a college student with a large wardrobe)
79. Make a scrapbook of accomplished goals
80. Knit a blanket
81. Track every penny I spend and earn for a month.
82. Get my nose pierced.
83. Track everything I eat for a week.
84. Buy a gift for an "Angel Tree" at Christmas. (Gifts for underprivileged children.)
85. Practice three random acts of kindness.
86. Read every book Jane Austin ever wrote. (Audiobooks count)
87. Come up with more goals!


this is such an awesome list - maybe i will give this a try, too!

(ps i found this through your lj!)
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