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Sunday, September 03, 2006
  Sunday SIP, and others...
You know how some bloggers do the saturday sky, where they show you what the sky looks like in their neck of the woods? well, i would do that, except for now that autumn is almost upon us, the sky here is gray, and will probably look that way until next june. so, instead, over here at casa de violet's knits, i give you Sunday SIP. that is, my Sock In Progress:
I'm currently working on what i believe will be a christmas gift sock, that is, if i don't get greedy and keep it for myself. it's socka yarn in color #3005, i believe. but, since the label isn't in english, i'm only guessing that number is the color. it may be the dye lot. anyway, it's a really lovely colorway. you should know by now how much i love brights, but this has some nice, deep, rich colors that are very yummy too. as of now, i've just picked up the gusset stitches about two rows back. look for an update next week!

i didn't get all that much knitting done this week because i went back to work, which has been mildly chaotic, and then thursday night i was struck with a horrible migraine which haunted me until saturday. friday morning was the worst though. it's hard to keep track of row counts when your left eye feels like it's full of lava and you're throwing up. ugh. however, branching out is now at a whopping 19"!

i didn't get a "full body" shot of the scarf because basically it looks the same as the last post, only longer. when it's finished and blocked, you can expect gratuitous FO pictures. oh, and Erica, i'm using size US 5 needles. i think i could have gone down to 4s to get a tighter looking leaf, but i didn't want the scarf to get too skinny. plus, the 5's i'm using are a gorgeous blue, and they matched the yarn perfectly. a nerdy reason, i know!

and kellen's sweater? i cast on 99 sts, and...1" down, 15" to go until we get to any shaping. i knit out of love. it's not ruffled, like it sort of looks, but it's a 6x1 rib, crammed onto the longer size 8s i own. (and yes, they're mismatched. one gold, one blue. it works.)

i also finished the one skein cabled footies for my One Skein Secret Pal last week: pattern:cabled footies from Leigh Radford's One Skein. Yarn: Cascade 220 in #9453. Needles: US 7 dpns. i really enjoyed knitting these (and should have gotten them out by the begining of last month. i suck. luckily, my OSSP has been understanding.) and i'll definitely knit more for Christmas presents.

speaking of which:
3 months, 3 weeks, 1 day until Christmas!
are you ready??

Leah and Carrie have helped me solve my What-To-Knit-Grandma dilemma. i'm going with Ene's Scarf this year, but definitely keeping Starsky on the list. i love both the patterns, but i definately feel like if anyone is worthy of my first large scale lace venture, it's grandma. i'll keep you posted!
Wow! Look at all those great knits! Oh & glad to know that I helped you choose! I think starsky is a great knit but who doesn't love a lace shawl? :)
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