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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
  Home again!
Well, as it turned out, I didn't get a chance to blog from the road. There was just way too much going on, and not a whole lot blog-worthy. We spent a week in Idaho, visiting Kellen's family and enjoying some much needed time off. And of course, shopping for yarn! We only got a chance to go to three shops, which was actually fine for me. They were so amazing, anything more would have been sensory overload. First up there was Ewephoria, where I got some adorable knitting fabric. I'll post pictures of it as an FO as soon as I sew it up. Talk about a friendly, inviting yarn shop! They had a great selection, too.
Clogs and Yarn

Then we went to Puffy Mondaes, which I was really excited about because the owner is from Arcata! Again, an amazing, inviting shop. And I scored the sock yarn you see above! Yes, that's the highly sought after Regia nation yarn that The Harlot blogged about. I scored their last two balls! And, as it turns out, the socks will match my new garden clogs (purchased at Fred Meyer along the way) perfectly. And no, container gardening doesn't really warrant garden clogs, but living in soggy Humboldt County does, and besides, they're adorable.

Then it was on to Boise

Fuzz was our final store, and it was awesome too. I wanted to squeeze everything, but settled on the gorgeous manos and this yummy roving.

How amazing are those colors? I can't wait to spin this up.

And because you can't buy too many shoes on vacation, and because it's Self Portrait Tuesday, here's one final indulgence:

So, now I'm officially on a yarn diet until I get some things off the needles. Stay tuned for The Cobblestone, The Clap, and the Blue Fuzzy Thing.

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The yarn! The roving! The SHOES! Pretty overload!!
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