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Friday, April 04, 2008
I'm not exactly one for trends. When everybody's doing it, I'm usually talking about how annoying everyone is. Last winter, when everyone in the knitiverse was making Fetchings for Christmas gifts, I was stitching frantically on sweaters and socks and scoffing that everyone else was doing fingerless gloves just because they're quick.

Then Karla made a pair. Karla is basically my gold standard for everything cool. She could probably talk me into jumping off a bridge, if we were going to stop by the LYS on the way. I liked Karla's fetchings. A lot.

Then Tuesday I had an 8 AM exam and my hands were so cold I could barely concentrate. (I still think I got an A, but I digress.) I have some perfectly nice wrist/hand warmers on the needles, but they go up to high on my pinkie to write comfortably. Or type comfortably. Or knit comfortably. If only there was a pattern that would be warm, adorable, and allow me to do those things.

I came home Tuesday afternoon and cast on. Kellen worked two graveyard shifts, so they were quickly knit while staying up late, listening to Cast On and then finished while watching The Jane Austin Book Club which happens to be one of my new favorite movies. Amazing. And there's knitting in it!

Pattern:Fetching (on Ravelry, too) Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Beryl Heather Gorgeous, with a teensy pink heathery-haze. Sadly, discontinued. A little bit less than one skein. Needles:US 5 DPNs Mods: Regular bind-off rather than picot. My late night picot looked like crap and was too loose. I like the neat looking knitted-off bind-off instead.

This is one trend totally worth following. I love them. Next bandwagon I'm chasing? Clapotis. I know I'm a little slow. But it's worth the wait. PS, I got a hair cut!

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very fetch. your new coif is adorable. i'm bummed that colorway is no more. it matches what i'm wearing today.
LOVE your fetchings!

I just did a Clap, late to the party with me.

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