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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
  Bzz, Me, Fuzzy, and WIP!
Since it's Tuesday, let's start off with my Self Portrait of the week, As I was rooting around in our drawer of hats for something to wear today, I realized I never really blogged my Bzz Hat! So here's to two birds with one stone.
Bzz on my mind

Remember back in June(!), when I said I'd post more details as soon as we were all finished. Well, ask Karla what happened. Anyway, here's mine. It's gotten lots of wear this past winter. Pattern: Bzzz Hat for Queen Bees from SNBN. Yarn: Wool Ease by Lion Brand. Needles: US 5 Susan Bates circ and dpns. I actually knit this twice, once on 7s, then frogged and reknit with 5's in an attempt to reduce the gappy-ness of all the purling on dpns. It didn't really work, but the hat is still cute. As the daughter of a beekeeper, I'm pretty much in love with anything bee related, and very much concerned about the future of our honeybee. So the hat makes a great conversation piece. Plus, it's pretty damn cute!

Now for something else old:
Fuzzy Feet
Pattern: Fuzzy Feet from Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted in Mulberry. Needles: Brittany DPNs, US 10.5. These, believe it or not, were Christmas gifts, and they are sitting on my counter as I type. I actually knit them on time, but I handfelted, which I realize now works great for toys and bags, but not so much for slippers, which sort of need to be the same size. So, they sat in a drawer for awhile, until I remembered to toss them in with a load of laundry. I didn't even worry about checking on them, since they were so wonky to begin with, so I just ran them through the whole cycle and viola! Perfectly felted, just the right size. This still isn't my favorite slipper pattern, but with one skein of LP you can't complain. They're off to their recipient this weekend. Nothing like Xmas in April, right?

And now to the present:
A top secret pair of socks (Okay, you can probably already tell they're the Embossed Leaves pattern, but I'm not telling who they're for!) and Fetchings for me. The Fetchings were totally spur of the moment. I took a midterm at 8 AM this morning and my hands were freezing, so I decided I needed some handwarmers that would allow me to write. So, this afternoon I came home and cast on.

I think that's just about it from me, how are you?

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yeah yeah. so in my defense i had my bzz hat all knit and ready for the buttons to be sewed on. short story is i frogged and forgot and eventually remembered but now i have just been ignoring. anyways voi, the embossed leaves are lovely. and that cuhler of your fetchings. mhmm. definitely approve.
I forgot about that hat pattern! I think it just got bumped up in my queue. It's so cute!
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