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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
This morning before work, I made a mad dash to the post office and picked up my final secret pal package. The line was ridiculous (of course) so I didn't have a chance to open my goodies until after work. It was worth the wait though. When I opened the box, I actually started crying! This is such an amazing package, and the perfect week to get it! Here are my goodies:

A box of Tazo Awake tea, several packages of hot coccoa (Kellen and I are going to have a cup by the tree tonight!), a dark chocolate bar, Coccoa notecards, gorgeous stickie notes, two bottles of mini m&ms, a Vanilla Creme drink mix, a sparkly blue snowflake ornamet, an advent calendar (I almost bought one the other day, but something told me to wait!), three tubes of Burt's Bees lipbalm in a cute carrying case, a yummy candle, a journal, a midnight scent sachet (that's as beautiful as it smells!), a lavendar bath set, two beaded stitch markers, sweet pea body wash and lotion (the lotion has a little shimmer to it, and smells wonderful), and YARN! Take a look:

Shaefer Laurel in Florence Nightengale. I'm melting over this. The colors are so rich beautiful, and it's from a series created for memorable women! I don't know what this is going to be yet, but for now I'm just content petting it.

Koigu. mmm, Koigu. These pretty pinkies are going to be socks for me. The colors remind me of frosting. My camera ate the picture of the purple yarn, but it's gorgous too. It didn't have a label, but I'm thinking it's wool and handdyed, maybe by my pal? It's beautiful shades of violet and lavendar. ;)

Thanks so much, Anne! You truly spoiled me!


I am very glad you liked it =) And actually I can't believe I forgot the little card. That was dyed by Jessi at Alabama Fiber Dreams Etsy shop - her blog is
and she makes some gorgeous things =) I'm sorry it didn't get there in time for the 1st, I'd rather hoped it would!
Wow, what an awesome package!! You are going to have lots of fun with all that stuff!! :) I'm so jealous!
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