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Monday, December 31, 2007
  Goodbye, 2007!
Don't worry, Christmas FO updates will be blogged about soon! I just need to get my film developed and put on disk, since I didn't take my digi for xmas. Stay Tuned

I know other people have been doing different wrap-up posts, but I decided to stick with the one I posted last year, only modified for 2007, of course!

List Your FO's:
The grand total was 35, that's 5 more than last year! Here's what I knit:
4 hats for me
1 pair of cabled footies for mom
1 pair of felted clogs
2 swallowtail shawls
2 cabled beanies
1 pair of monster slippers
1 noro scarf
2 stuffed animals (fatty sheep and sheldon, respectively)
1 bath scrubby
1 felted purse
3 pairs of socks for me (2 stockinette, 1 monkey)
1 pair of monkeys for my aunt
1 pair of stockinette socks for my brother
1 airy scarf
1 calorimetry
1 odessa hat
1 chunky scarf
3 washcloths
1 mug cozy
1 sweater for grandma (fairly easy fair isle)
1 kittyville hat (minus the ears)
1 chunky hat for dad
1 chunky scarf for dad
1 We Call Them Pirates hat for my brother
1 Sweater for my mom (Sitcom Chic)

Wow! You can see most of them either at my ravelry page or My flickr page, if you don't have a ravelry account. As mentioned before, xmas gift pictures are coming soon!

List Your Works In Progress.
Fuzzy Feet slippers for my mom's friend
A Branching Out scarf for my future MIL
RPMS that need to be frogged and reknit
A pair of Knucks that were supposed to be kellen's xmas gift!

What skeletons are in your knitting basket?
a pair of wristwarmers I started last year, and a mon petite chou that I'll finish someday.

What was your favorite project of 2007?
Again, I really loved everything. I think my second swallowtail shawl might be my favorite though. It was an excellent choice for that yarn. I also loved knitting my grandma's sweater, and Travis' hat...and my monkey socks...I don't know!

What projects will you never knit again?
The bath scrubby I made Kellen. The pattern is great (bath puffy from the book One Skein, but the aloo yarn just turned into a slimey mess in the shower. It never really dried, and started looking really pathetic.

What was your major knitting accomplishment in 2007?
Knitting two adult size sweaters and having them done in time for Christmas! I'm really happy I finally tackled the sweater. I also felt really accomplished knitting Travis' hat, since it was my largest colorwork project so far. Those were two things I wanted to work on in 2007, and I did!

What was your favorite yarn of 2007?
I can never decide on a favorite yarn...I'm such a sucker for knitpicks. I enjoyed the shimmer, memories, and telemark lines from them. And of course, Lamb's pride and Noro are always favorites.

What's your favorite yarn overall?
See above.

What new knitting techniques did you learn in 2007?
I definitely got more experience with colorwork and lace, but I don't think I tried any completely new techniques.

What are your knitting goals for 2007?
Knit socks for Kellen! He didn't get a single pair this entire year! Good thing his old ones have held up. Knit a sweater for me. Try steeking?

Keep Knitting!

Happy New Year!


Happy new year!

Well done on the output for 2007!!

Time to start over again for 2008!
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