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Sunday, August 12, 2007
  cozy, chunky, quick

It's been all stockinette, all the time at la casa de VioletsKnits. That's all well and good, but sometimes a girl needs a treat when it comes to knitting. Something chunky, squishy, slubby, and woolly. Something quick and easy to knit without being mindnumbing. Enter the Blue Liccorice Scarf and Hat.

A few years ago I knit a hat out of a different colorway, my first hat without a pattern as a matter of fact, and I loved the yarn. It has a thick and thin, almost handspun feeling to it, with two yummy plies. When I saw the gorgeous blue color at JoAnn's last Friday on clearance for $2, I jumped on it.

I cast on the hat Friday afternoon and by Friday evening I had a hat. With a skein and a half left, I cast on for the scarf, and finished it the wee hours of Sunday morning. A cozy set that was easy and comforting to knit.

Yarn: JoAnn Sensations Liccorice, color #120. Needles: US 13 Clover circ and Brittany dpn for the hat, US 15 Susan Bates for the scarf. Pattern: basic hat, CO 47 St, 3 rows of seed st for the brim. Alternated 8 rows of garter st with 4 rows of stockinette for the scarf. I'll enjoy wearing this on chilly days at school this fall!

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Oh, that's fun! I REALLY like that blue, and I'm not entirely sure I've ever seen that yarn before, but it does make up a nice little set - and quickly!
why the hell has it taken me so damn long to knit with that licorice?! i'm distracted easily i guess. i really love the pic of you modeling. funny thing is that i saw the same yarn in the clearance bins here in woodland when i was at joann's the other day. i almost bought some but remembered the hat and scarf i still haven't finished. haha.
Ohhh I like that! Gotta love the instant gratification knits.

BTW you xmas countdown just sent me into fits of anxiety.
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