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Monday, July 30, 2007
  Calorimetry and Me
Brittney and Karla came over yesterday to watch the movie Antonia's Line, which according to Weekend Knitting was about unmarried women knitting while they waited out their pregnancies. Well, there was no knitting in the movie, although there was one scene where two women were winding a ball of yarn, and another where a woman was using an old fashion knitting loom...but we were expecting full on knitting and chatting about knitting. Oh well, it was a good film anyway. (Wikipedia calls it a "feminist fairy tale," which I can kind of see...)

Anyway, while the girls were here I finished my Sweettarts Socks (pictures soon!), and Brittney finished her Calorimetry. I had cast one one ages ago, but frogged it due to gauge issues, which practically everyone had with this pattern. I always meant to cast on another one, though, and seeing Brittney's off the needles inspired me. So, here's mine:

Pattern: Calorimetry via Yarn: Leftover Noro Kureyon from a scarf I made my grandma for Christmas. (It's the smaller one in the photo.) The Cal took less than half a skein! Needles: US 9, vintage Susan Bates. Mods: Cast on 80 St instead of 120. Used W&T method to prevent holes from forming (with the exception of a button hole). Added a cute wooden button!

I didn't mean to burn though this project in an afternoon, but there it is!

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It looks great! I keep meaning to cast on for a Cal' but I keep putting it off!
wow that was fast! looks cute on you. i need to post my pic of anna wearing hers. it just doesn't look quite right unless someone is wearing it.
I umm....hate you :) JK not really actually though it's pretty nice to see what other people do with patterns. Also I will need to come over and I'm really going to give it back, some thread for my cloud buttons. See you today!
i would really love to make one of these. is it beginner friendly? i still need to learn to increase and decrease though. what is W&T? also, did you use circular needles? it's sooo cute!
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