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Friday, June 15, 2007
  Swallowtails and Busy Bees
I'm plugging away on the swallowtail shawl, version 2:

The pattern is so much easier this time around. It wasn't exactly hard last time, but now that I really understand the construction, I can look at the stitches logically, so it's easier to fix any mistakes as they arise. I just finished the first lilly of the valley border, so only two more charts and this baby will be ready for blocking. I find it a little bit funny that I'm going so much faster than last time, when I was on a deadline. I have all the time in the world this time around, and I've buzzed through this far in about a week or two.

Speaking of buzzing...Brittney, Karla and I have just about finished our Bzz hats that we're knitting along together. Okay, actually all I need to do is break my yarn and weave in the ends (plus sew on buttons, which we're going to do all together. I lost mine though! That's what I get for cleaning...So another trip to the craft store needs to happen soon) The hat is not my only Bees on The Brain project though:

Pattern: McCalls M4323, with modifications. Fabric: from my local Joanne's. I'm not totally thrilled with how this came out, for one, it sat in my closet for weeks because I could not get the lining sewn in properly, and the directions left a lot to be desired. I finally managed to get it all together, but there are definitely more puckers and gathers than there should be. The handles are sort of ill-fitting too. I omitted the pockets and the snap because I just didn't want to sew them. Next time (if there is a next time) I'll use a stiffer interfacing too, since it's a little floppy. As a whole, though, I do like the purse. I am absolutely crazy about bees (my family raised them while I was growing up, and my father continues to do so.) and the fabric is way cute. Maybe I'll use it as a knitting bag.

Hey, are you on Ravelry? I just got my invite a few days ago, and I'd love some new friends. I feel geeky adding people when I'm not sure if they know who I am or not. So do a shy girl a favor, and stop by my page and say hi! And if you're not a member yet, join the waiting list, but be patient. It took a few weeks for my invite to come (but I think they're going through the list more quickly now) but it was worth it. Except now I have another excuse to spend precious knitting time online! It's a double edged sword. ...Or maybe, a double pointed needle?

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that shawl is coming out gorgeous! funny how things work when you're not on a deadline. the bee fabric is adorable. is that a honeycomb background? cuuute!
i changed my name. even though i've been saying raverly this whole time i still felt kinda weird having my blog called me unraveled.
Lucky! I wish i was on ravelry, i've been waiting for months! Is it as amazing as everyone keeps claiming?
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