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Thursday, June 07, 2007
  7 things
Pam, Queen of the Badass Knitters tagged me for the seven random things meme, so here it goes:

1. I've been a vegetarian since I was 9 years old. Everyone asks if I had some great epiphany, but really, my older brother's friend, this gorgeous, super-cool punk rock chick, was a vegetarian, and I just wanted to be like her. 11 years later, I guess it was a good life choice anyway. ;)

2. I'm blessed with two amazing, talented grandmothers. They fostered my creativity and taught me many things, including how to read, cook, bake cookies, and why it's important to always take a jacket. They are truly my greatest heroes in the world.

3. I met my darling boyfriend on the internet. GASP! Everyone gives us a hard time, but we've been together for 5 years now, and I wouldn't change a thing. Besides, now that there are commercials for internet dating sites on daytime TV, I think it's becoming less shocking. For the record, though, we did not meet on a dating site or in a chat room.

4. I was a breech baby and had to be delivered emergency c-section.

5. My hair has been every color of the rainbow except orange. I started dying it at 13 and it hasn't been my natural color since. (Although for the past year and a half, it has been a natural color, but not my own. I hate it and I want rainbow colors again.)

6. I hated high school. Everyone thought I was really mean, my best friend moved sophomore year, and my boyfriend lived 700 miles away. The only good thing I miss is having virtually no responsibilities.

7. I don't drive, and I have no problem with this. Nothing makes me more crazy than people bitching about gas prices and then acting like I'm a freak for not driving. I might learn someday, but not until I want to.

Okay, I'm not going to tag seven people (because I can't think of seven people who haven't done this yet!) but I'm going to tag Karla and Brittney, and anyone else who wants to do it! Karla can do it if she wants, but Brittney better do it, because she owes us some blogging!


I don't drive, either. It's getting to the point where I really need to start doing so, but I don't wanna. Bleh.
I don't drive, either! I had no idea there were so many of us that managed to do it. driving is for suckers.
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