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Friday, June 08, 2007
  fatty sheep is finally finished.
Remember a loong time ago when I mentioned I was knitting a sheep? At the time Kellen was working graveyard shifts because one of his coworkers quit, which meant I was up late drinking tea and knitting into the wee hours, because it's hard for me to fall asleep while he's working all night. Anyway, during a particularly late night I stumbled upon someones blog (I wish I could remember it!) and she had made the sheep from Debbie Bliss' Toy Knits. I had the book out from the library, some sheep-colored yarn sitting around (okay, actually it was Kellen's, from when he made his tattoo inspired laptop sleeve), and several hours before Kellen got off work, so I thought, "I bet I could make this whole sheep tonight!"


Just about two months later, my Fatty Sheep is done. The actual knitting took less than a month, but then there were several weeks where she sat in a plastic bag in my closet while I cursed seaming garter stitch and lamented over the fact that so many cute toys have so much freaking seaming. Get some DPNs, Debbie Bliss!! Luckily, my boyfriend is handy with a crochet hook and helped me overcome the perils of seaming.

Pattern: Ewe from Debbie Bliss' Toy Knits. Yarn: acrylic (maybe red heart?) in Fishermen. I know, I know! Acrylic to knit a sheep. I am bad. Needles: US 7. Modifications: I bought her eyes, instead of using french knots, and because I could not get the hooves to assemble decently I just picked up stitches around the leg openings and knit until I thought it was time to decrease. I also gave her a little bobble-type tail, since all the sheep I grew up with had docked tails. OH, and the biggest modification? She is almost twice the size of the sheep in the pattern.

Now you can see why I call her fatty sheep. While Ms. Bliss used DK weight and size US 2 needles, I used worsted and size US 7. Her ewe is 16" long. Mine is 21" long. While her sheep is proportional, mine looks like an armadillo. She also took two bags of fiber fill. I guess you could call this a completely useless project, but I don't want to frog her. She's lumpy and disproportioned, but she's kind of growing on me.


What a cute sheep! I found your blog through the Badass ring, great job!
I think she is fabulous! I am almost stunned speechless by how much I like her.
Or maybe like...take my shower?? Hahahaha GARTER that word just left my brain last night, that's what it is. I knew it was wrong but didn't want to get up to go get a book. Also yeah my "HATE" hahahaha I guess I'm just sad that I messed up ya know?
it would be way better if toys were knit on the round, but how cool is it to seam together peices that look like nothing, but come together to make something? It's adorable!
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