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Thursday, June 21, 2007
  (almost) finished
The past two days have involved a lot of knitting with Karla and Brittney, which makes me a very happy girl. You probably remember that we're making the Bzzz Hat together. Well, here's mine:It's not *totally* finished, because we're waiting until everyone is done to sew our buttons on, but you get the idea. This is actually the second time I finished this hat. I frogged my first attempt because I wanted a tighter gauge, prompting Karla to do the same. More about that later, though, when we're all finished.

I'm still working on my Monkeys, but last night I gave my Sweetarts socks a little attention. I'm also knitting a secret project for my secret pal, but I'll blog about that when it's safely at its destination!

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Yay hat! I'll have to go buy me some cute bee buttons. I'll post photos soon. I love the monkey's and after watching both of you socks don't look that scary...until the end...and the beginning but the middle looks okay...I think we would call that a cuff I'm lame. Anyways yeah time to clean my room!
That hat is cuuuuuuuute!!
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