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Saturday, February 24, 2007
  Swallowtail Shawl takes flight...and Kables for Kellen
I kept imagining beautiful shots of the swallowtail resting gently on spring blossoms. however, it doesn't appear that the rain will EVER STOP here. such is the way of humboldt county. anyway, i'm eager to get the shawl off to grandma, so off it goes. here's one action shot though:

and a close up of the nupps:

Pattern:Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A Clark. Interweave Knits fall 2006. yarn: knitpicks alpaca cloud in horizon. NeedlesKnitpick's Options, US 4, 36" circular. these needles are amazing. other people had problems with the nupps (p5tog, it made me a little faint when i first read it...) but i had no problems whatsoever, at least when i went slow enough. the tips are sharp, the joins are smooth, and the purple cable is cute.notes: it took me a little (A LOT) longer than i had hoped to finish. this is grandmas's Christmas present. it's the end of february. oops. but really, this shawl was a joy to knit and i think i might knit myself one for kellen's brother's wedding. i hope grandma likes it!

in other news, Brittney, Karla, and i are all going to make the Bzzzz hat from SNBN, so i bought a quicksilver US 7 16" circular. (my last 7 16" circular got chewed on!) anyway, i love quicksilvers and i have the yarn and i'm dying to start. but we're knitting together so i decided to cast on another hat so i couldn't use the needle. behold, kables for kellen:

excuse the bad picture. kellen was playing a video game and couldn't be bothered. you might also notice a few other things in this picture, which reveal my organizational style. (i think it's called creative chaos?) pattern: modified basic cable from SNBN. yarn: leftover lamb's pride from felted clogs. i *think* this color is called dark charcoal? Needles: aforementioned quicksilver, US 7 dpns. Mods: subbed garter stitch for the ribbing at the bottom. mock cables instead of ribs between the cables. extra cable repeat. notes: even with the extra cable repeat (and getting gauge) this hat is dorkily short. it barely covers the top of his ears. i know that's the style of the pattern, but when i make it again, i'll do two extra repeats. i would have done that this time, but i ran out of yarn! i considered getting more, but the whole point was to use up leftovers.

On The Needles: mon petit chou, bublegum sock, kellen's sweater sleeve.


OOOOOhhhh beautiful!
Wow, your shawl is beautiful!
Pretty shawl! I have a question, did you have much Alpaca Cloud left over when you were done? I'm trying to decided if I have enough yarn to add a couple more repeats of the "bud" lace. Thanks! :)
hiyo. just wanted to make sure you got your sp10 assignment. please email me at sphostesscecily AT gmail DOT com.

thanks! :)
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