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Saturday, January 27, 2007
  massive postapalooza
so i realized, like the past five of my enteries have no pictures. good god, what will keep you people around?? blame the poor weather for the lack of natural light to take flattering pictures. or my laziness.

anyway, here i am to redeem myself.

first, an FO from 2006.When i said i knit 30 things in 2006, i forgot about this little number:

Anthropologie Inspired Caplet by Julsey723. Size 11 needles. SWTC Karaoke in Mermaid Mix. about 1.5 balls.

I luuuurve this yarn. it was my first time using soy silk. and it was yummy. I kind of forgot about the project though, because i didn't like how loose the gauge was (size 11s on worsted) but i added the little abalone button (it's a button glued to a pin back, actually. so it's removable) and it's growing on me.

I knit myself up a quick brainless hat to soothe my back-to-school stress. I call it the Yarn Barf hat. excuse the dorky face.

Joann Sensations Thick and Thin yarn in "dark multi" colorway. Size 13 needles, basic hat recipe. i've had this yarn f-o-r-e-v-e-r, and struggled with getting it into a hat, but this time around it worked. it's silly but i think it's cute. i have the same yarn in a purple/pink colorway too. another hat, perhaps?

I finished my mom's cabled footies:
From One Skein by Leigh Radford. Cascade 220 Superwash. size 7 needles.

Mike's Slippers are waiting to be felted:

The Swallowtail is one chart away from being done:

And finally, my current SIP: Knitpicks Dancing in Ballet. discontinued, sadly. this is my first time using a (mostly) cotton sock yarn and it's turning out quite nicely. nothing fancy, just basic sock recipe.

okay, i think that's all the knitting news for now! i spent a few hours knitting with my knitting girl gang (go visit their blogs! Brittney + Karla) Karla is knitting for her kitty and Brittney finished her first non-scarf FO! yay knitting ladies!

did that tide ya over for now?
and ps, the new blogger is a pain in the ass!

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hey you found me! awesome! i had a postapalooza as well. you need to teach me how to use this site! i'm so confused. how do i add you as a friend??
well i just wanted to say that i adore the swallowtail. it's so gorgeous!
WOW! Everything is gorgeous!! I love the capelet, the colors are sooo beautiful.
Great work! I love the variation in colors and textures in all your knits!
That capelet IS beautiful. Have you considered making them for sale? I cannot knit--I don't have the patience. (I don't know anyone with the patience!) If by some chance you WOULD consider doing one for me, what would that cost in a summer white yarn (for example)? Maybe someone else out there knits stuff that they sometimes sell? (let me know, for sure!)
(use shalanna AT Tx *dot* rr, *dot* com) I have a summer sundress that I could wear to teach classes in this summer if I had such a capelet/shrug. One time I did knit a Dr. Who scarf. It took more than a year. (!!) I continue to admire you and the other knitters and sewing craftspeople whose blogs I read for your skills and talent!
Great job on the capelet, it really beautiful!
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