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Friday, January 05, 2007
  Dear Stash...
Dearest Stash,
You may have read other knitters blog about "using up their stash" this year. In fact, you may have read about knit-alongs specifically for destroying stash. These knitters vow to not buy another ball, skein, or hank of fiber until their stash is used up. Enough is enough, they say.

They even make good arguments about how buying yarn is a waste of money in these dire economic times, etc.

Now, these knitters have the best intentions, and they may do as they please, but stashbusting does not go down in this house, so don't worry your pretty little head. Yes, I'll knit from you, (that purple-y heathered yarn? cabled footies for me. The black worsted? a sweater for kellen. the piles of sock yarn? i'll get there.) but then there are some gems, specifically acrylic gems, and on the other hand, gems to precious to knit with out serious thought, and they'll stay. And I'll definitely continue to buy yarn. Some knitters say they can knit any sweater in the world with yarn from their stash, but i am not there yet. (well, unless that sweater was going to be from mismatched garage sale acrylic, which has it's place, but not in a fair isled masterpiece.)

Bottom line is, I love you, darling. You impress my knitting friends and the thought of your endless possibilities calms my stressed-out student mind.

and about stashing being socially irresponsible? I don't buy yarn irresponsibly, and my credit cards are paid off, so i can't be in too much trouble. and besides, it's either knitting or therapy, and this way is a lot cheaper.


Here's to those who don't want to shed any yarn related pounds in 2007!
I won't be stash busting either. I will knit the projects I've bought things for, but I will also continue to buy yarn. Someone has to support my LYS.
Stash busting? You mean...all of it?

The horror...
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