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Monday, November 06, 2006
  bad knit blogger, bad!
i realize i have not posted since october first. have no fear, i have not dropped off the face of the planet. my lack of posts partially has to do with the fact that i've absoulutely been swamped at work and school, as well as the fact that K now has weekends off, which means i opt to spend time with him rather than knit blogging...

...but mostly, it has to do with knitterly denial.

my last post was at the onset of soctoberfest. i set small, realistic goals. i failed. i wanted to finish Kellen's Almost Argyles. did i? No. i stubbornly refused to knit them on 5 dpns, saying i always make do with four. unfortunately, with a 16 st repeat design, it really was logical to knit them on 5 needles. naturally, i lost track of the pattern and had to rip back to the ribbing. this brusied my ego and it's been fairly slow going ever since. here's the current progress on sock 1:my only other goal for soctoberfest? to decide on the sock pattern i wanted to knit my maternal grandmother for christmas? accomplished? no way. i have no excuses for this either. i'm just panicking over christmas knitting.

and the swallowtail shawl? i loove this pattern. loove the yarn. is it done? nope. i frogged it completely. i started it four times before i got the hang of it, and then halfway through the second chart and *BOOM* huge glaring error. i couldn't tink. i hadn't used lifelines. i cried. i chalked it up to overuse of charts. EVERY WIP HAS A CHART! too much!

the only thing i've made real progress on:the baby peapod sweater. i'm still ahead of the baby, so that's good.

i have more gifts to knit than there are weeks until christmas. then, you know, school, finals, finding another job (i'm going to have to quit because my hours are inflexible with my school schedule next semster. ugh. i love my job.) and other minor details like that.

and STILL OTN: the branching out scarf. will the madness ever end??
It will end!! I had to come to the realization that I'm not a good gift knitter. I like to knit gifts but not with a timeline. I suck at staying on timelines.

The baby peapod is looking fab. Don't sweat the rest of it. It happens to all of us!
I loved making the Pea Pot baby sweater. Looks great!
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