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Saturday, June 17, 2006
  quick project
so,remember how i wasn't sure if i was going to frog kellen's socks and make them smaller/ better fitting? well...i decided to keep going, finished the heel flap, turned the heel, picked up my gusset stitches and worked the decreases....and then realized i wasn't going to have enough yarn. no problem, just order more, right? well, knitpicks discontinued the Storm colorway of Simple Stripes. dammit! i thought about sending out a plea for help via knitlist and craftster, but then i took it as a sign i needed to rip them out and make them smaller. i just finished the ribbing again. it's slow going.

good thing my patternworks order came last week! i was able to work less than one skein of recycled tibetan silk into this:

it's loosely based on the recycled silk purse from the Knitting Pattern a Day calendar, from august 17th (so i skip ahead, big deal!) i basically just worked in the round on a 12" 10.5 circular, then did 3needle bind off to close it up. the strap is just an i-cord, although i might shorten it because it s t r e t c h e s when my wallet and cell phone are inside. super easy, one day knit. i think some of the girls in my life will be getting one for christmas.

i was really pleased with this skein because most of the recycled silk i've seen has had mostly golds and reds, but this one was full of purples, aquas, bright orange, and blues. they're more subtle when it's worked up but it was fun to knit with.

so, now that the purse is done...back to the socks?
I have some of that stuff, when I tried to undo the skein and wind it into a ball it fell apart. It was terrible.

That bag came out great, I love the colors.
This is a cute purse. I have admired those recycled silk yarns in the skein, but I wonder, are they scratchy? I know my co-blogger, Ann, would love something with them.
thanks, ladies! i actually had no trouble working with it, although it was so tightly spun (to keep the fibers from separating, i guess) that i didn't really get to enjoy the "silky-ness" that you normally get from silk. it definitely isn't scratchy, but i think it's better suited for an accessory (purse, scarf, etc) rather than something like a sweater.
Love the purse, what beautiful colours. It worked up great.
Love it! Stunning.
Love the colours in that Tibetan Silk, it looks great in your bag.
I had the same problem with KnitPicks Simple Stripes in Vineyard. They discontinued that one too. :-( I hope you have enough to do the smaller sock.

Your purse is really cute. Pretty color!
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