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Thursday, June 29, 2006
  i'm not dead...
i've just been moving to my new apartment! we're finally (mostly) moved in, and we have wireless so you can expect more prolific blogging!

as for actual knitting, though...well, i have nothing interesting to show you. i'm starting the heel flap on kellen's storm sock (take 2) and hoping i have enough yarn this time! although come to think of it, i'm not even sure where the second ball is...somewhere in the rubble of moving, i'm sure. i've also got a couple other wips floating around, but i need to buy more yarn for most of them.

but last night i made a HUGE knitpicks order, so don't worry, i'll be back soon, and with actual pictures to hold your interest!
That's funny we're moving the same week. I am in "leftover stuff I can't throw away but have no use for" hell right now. Tomorrow is moving day, hopefully the ONLY day...but I'm sure my Saturday will suck as well!

Thanks for joining the ring, I hope it spreads like crazy and trumps all those snotty elitist rings. Also, I f'd up the code a smidgen, if you stick < br > (minus the spaces, your blog wont let me post "tag") after the image code it will put the "Bad Ass Knitters" under the pic instead of to the right of it. I am extremely anal rententive so feel free to leave it, but it would drive me batshit so I thought I'd share!
Oooh, a huge KnitPicks order! I can hardly wait! Glad to hear you're finally (mostly) moved in. You may stay in that condition for years to come :-)
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