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Sunday, June 04, 2006
  blah sunday.
i've been feeling pretty cranky and uninsipred lately, but that hasn't stopped me from cranking out the stitches.

so, you'll recall the garter stitch cloche i made awhile ago (just scroll down a bit) for my mom's coworker's grandbaby-on-the-way...well, i had left over yarn, so...

the one hour baby booties from stitch n bitch nation. the yarn is my leftover bernant cottontots in little boy blue, held double throughout. the buttons have little blue teddy bears, but i couldn't get a decent close up with my damn camera. but trust me, they're cute.
here's another picture of them, with the hat this time:

and then there's luke's vest. i'm actually reall surprised that i've been so almost-monogamous with this project. the whole reason why i started so early (this is a CHRISTMAS present, here, people!) is because i thought i would avoid working on it like the plague. don't get me wrong, i think it's adorable, but it's sportweight acrylic on size 2 needles. and intarsia. and i had to do a lot of math to alter the pattern i'm using "as a loose guideline." but i'm pretty proud of myself for not shoving it in a corner until december. oh, but the sick irony is, i didn't want to shell out all the money to buy the book that has the origional pattern i was inspired by because it was like $20 and i didn't care much for the other pattern, so i figured, "i'm not scared of math! i can make my own charts! screw the book that has it all layed out neatly for me!" ........well, now knitpicks has to book for $10. of course.
but no matter. i've gotten thus far on my own:

back done? check! left front? check! right front? almost...
oh, and for kellen's storm socks? well, they're turning out to be a teeeeny bit too loose (i should have worked about 4 fewer insufficient swatching lied) and it's really annoying me. still, i'm working on the heel flap. . . will i frog the whole thing? will i push on, knowing that my boy will appreciate loose socks anyway? your guess is as good as mine.
Oh, those are cute!!
I am so glad you're going to knit a red sweater!! (And between the worthy cause and satisfaction of finishing a project in an hour or so...good stuff)

I just went through like, your whole blog, you are a fantastic knitter! I linked and subscribed right away!! ;)
those are such cute booties. i tried the pattern and mine looked like they'd been knit in only an hour, but yours are great.

and that vest! i'm sure it's nightmarish, but it's going to be worth it.
Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.
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