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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
  tuesday musings...
tuesdays are normally my day off. a little respite from the chaos that is after-school care. but since tonight is Family Night, i have to go in..and work two extra hours over a normal shift for me. oh well. . . at least i got to spend the morning knitting and gardening!

i wore my grandma socks yesterday and they were beyond comfortable, but they fuzzed and the balls of the feet felted a little. it's not a big deal, but i'm thinking that maybe Memories isn't the best yarn to make kellen socks out of, since he wears his clothes pretty hard. . .damn it! why must they make such good "kellen" colorways (fly fishing, redwood forest, cape cod, etc) in such a delicate yarn?!

no wip pictures to post today, but speaking of the boyfriend, i don't think i've mentioned that he crocets. yes, we manage to work out our fiber art rivalries and love each other anyway. ;) i bought him The Happy Hooker the second it came off the presses, and in about two weeks he whipped me up the prepster jacket:

(this was a few months ago when my hair was shorter, and all brown, which it rarely is. excuse the ultimate dorkiness that is my expression.) this was the first time he had ever *really* followed a pattern, since he usually just makes up his own designs. that's right, he's a genius.

off to work on my boring dishtowel for a swap!
Very cute sweater! ♥

i've been working on that jacket since i saw your boyfriend's post on craftster. i'm struggling a little right now, but i'll figure it out soon. lucky girl!
You are the cutest! And a lucky girl to have a boyfriend with such talent!
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