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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
  embarrassing yarn incident
i have an hour+ bus ride to school every morning, so naturallky, i bring my knitting. today i was blissfully stitching along on my heel flap, my backpack balanced neatly on my lap, and when i went to pull a length of yarn from the ball that i thought was tucked just inside the backpack, i thought, "gee, that sure is a funny angle that the yarn is coming out at..........oh NO!"

as you might have guessed, the yarn had rolled out of my open backpack, under the seat infront of me, and down the aisle of the bus. i was sitting at the back. the ball was chugging towards the front door. i could have died.

luckily, i was sitting next to a friendly young guy and not the typical cranky or sleeping homeless person. while the rest of the passengers sat there blinking at my merino, he jumped up and rescued it, even asking some other guy to move his backpack so he could wind it back around the seat the way it came. i thanked him profusely while my cheeks returned to their normal shade.

i learned my lesson. i'm keeping a close watch on that yarn from now on...and maybe it's time to buy a ball winder so i can have a neat center-pull ball? on the upside, the yarn was unscathed. there was one long blonde hair stuck to it (shudder) but at least no gum. whew.
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