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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
i'm stuck at school with only luke's vest to work on and


the back started out supposedly 11" across the back...but it turned out more like 12. i decided to go with the 12" mesurements and just work the length bigger to corrospond with it, so it would be a size medium. a little big on him, but room to grow. well, somehow, the vest now measures 13.25" across. WHAT?!

the gross thing is, my stitches per inch haven't changed. anywhere. what's even more gross, is the gauge the pattern requires is 7st/1" and i'm doing 6.5/1" (Which i know, can make a big difference, but it should be making it SMALLER, not BIGGER!)

ugh. on top of it all, there are no corrections posted for the pattern. i'd rip it all out now, except for i'm half way done, and if i rip it out, i'll want to start over right away...or i'd run the risk of shoving it in a basket and never touching it again. and it's so damn cute. i just want luke to be able to wear it before he turns 10 and slug bug sweater vests aren't so cute. is that too much to freaking ask?
11 inches across the back times 7 sts/inch = 77 stitches. Is that how many you cast on? Getting fewer stitches to the inch will actually result in a larger piece. If you cast on 77 sts but are knitting at a guage of 6.5 sts/inch your piece will measure about 11.8 inches across.

For the work to measure 13.25'' across at a guage of 6.5 sts/inch you'll be knitting about 86 sts per row.

Did you swatch? Did you block your swatch? do you know if your stitch guage changed with blocking? The fiber content of your yarn will make a big difference here. Sometimes you can stretch a piece vertically to decrease its width.

That's about as much as I can think of without knowing more details of your project. Good luck!
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