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Sunday, April 16, 2006
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ladies and gentlemen:

my tiptoe through the tulips socks, designed by Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee.
i finished the second one thursday afternoon, and while i was still riding that "just grafted the toes of the second sock" high, i proceeded to chop the toe off of the first one, rip it back to the appropriate length and rework the toe. what happened was, due to some idiot math on my part, i "followed my gut" (this only works 50% of the time for me when it comes to knitting) and made the first sock about an inch too long. it was a little big on me, and my mom is a size and a half smaller than me...but i figured it was "close enough."
of course, i realized how ridiculous that was, so i'm glad i made the second sock the right size and repaired the first. i'll get a better picture of my mom modeling them (so you can see the tulips over the heel) when mother's day comes around. these were the most fun socks i'm knit so far. the pattern was great and i can't wait to give them to my mom!

the same night i finished the socks, kellen was working late and i was wide awake and bored...with some white cotton and my new stitch dictonary...

i normally don't do washcloths, but i was bored and they're fun. this stitch pattern if from Stitchionary, pattern #8, garter ridge rib. i mucked up the first rep, but who's looking at my washcloth? it's done in sugar-n-cream, white.

currently on the needles:

the begining of my 3-year-old cousin's christmas present. (yes, i'm starting this early). this is going to be my own version of the VW beetle vest seen here. (scroll down). the pattern is available in a book, but i decided it would be more fun (and cheaper) to do my own thing. i'm using this vest pattern, and my own chart. we'll see how it goes!
you fuckin rule!!
i love you
kk juice
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